Boho beauty

Smiling brunette woman in wedding dress with two little girls and a baby boy.

Boho Beauty was created for everyone!


Our wide range of skincare ensures that we have a product to suit almost ANY skin type! 

At Boho Beauty we also believe in affordability! Skincare should be affordable! As we all know, our skin is our bodies largest organ, so it is imperative that we take good care of it! We hope that with our affordable prices and our products made from high quality ingredients, that your skin will be thriving in no time at all! 

Boho Beauty skincare range is made purely from organic ingredients, our products are vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly! 


Hi, I'm Amy! The face behind the brand!

As a mother of three young children who suffer from dry, eczema prone skin, I understand how important skincare is in daily life! I also understand how expensive it can be! Especially if you are after products that will make a difference to your skins health and appearance! 

Our products have been specifically blended with purposely chosen, high quality, organic ingredients, to help ensure that they provide you with optimal results! Take my word for it - they really do!

Boho Beauty is focused on sustainability, affordability and providing real results! I am proud to be the founder of this amazing brand and feel blessed that we get to make a difference in peoples lives!


Skincare really is important, not only for health and appearance, but self-esteem and mental well being too!